‘Fake Scots Titles’ has been set up to expose those people using FAKE Scottish Titles such as Chief, Baron, Laird, Lord etc for purposes of deception.  Likewise, to EDUCATE the public and expose the mendacious marketing by pedlars of Fake Scottish Titles such as: Lochaber Highland Estates, Highland Titles, Native Wood Preservation Ltd, Scottishlaird.com, Mac Sothis, Select Titles and others.

Although it is true that legally in Scotland anyone can call themselves ‘what they want’ (without purchasing any land at all! – see the Master Title Deed Scam), in order to be a REAL Scottish Chief, Laird or Feudal Baron (the Baron of X is the only title in Scotland that can be Legally purchased) the titles will be recognised by The Lord Lyon of Scotland, HM The Queens Representative in Scotland and Minister of State.

You cannot become a Scottish ‘Laird’ by simply purchasing a 1 sq ft plot of Land in Scotland (see Laird Schemes FAQs) . If that were the case every house owner in Scotland would be a ‘Laird’, what a ridiculous concept. These peddlers of titles are just runners of money scams (see Lairds –  the Lord Lyon’s Opinion).  But worse still, as souvenir plots cannot be registered,  you don’t even own the square foot you paid for!  All you get is a personal right to sue the vendor for the price you paid should they sell the land to a third party (very clearly explained here).

Those using ‘Lord’ in front of their name are stating they are a ‘Peer of The Realm’ (or a courtesy title of a Scottish ‘Law Lord’). No ‘Laird’ would change his title to ‘Lord” and you simply cannot purchase a Peerage Title.

Scottish lairds are recognised by their Territorial Designations – for example, Joe Blogs of Heathcliff or Joe Blogs, Laird of Heathcliff – they would not use Laird Joe or Laird Blogs. Such Territorial Designations are recognised by The Lord Lyon of Scotland and you can not have multiple owners of a particular designation or Lairdship (see “What is a Territorial Designation?“).

Scottish Clan Chiefs are also recognised by The Lord Lyon If you are uncertain about a persons claims a quick check of recognised Clan Chiefs can be found on the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs Website

If you feel someone with a FAKE Scottish Title is using it for fraudulent purposes you should contact The Court of The Lord Lyon at the above Web Address.

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